Join us during the 2019 Lenten season for a variety of events to prepare us for the remembrance and celebration of Easter.

“God on the Move” Sermon Series

Our weekly Sermon series will be on the topic of “God on the Move.” Jesus didn’t stay in one place for long. His earthly ministry was one of moving from one place and encounter to the next. He also moved through every part of the human experience, encountering everything from temptation, to joy, to suffering, and even death. On Sundays in Lent, we will follow Jesus through his ministry, and we will be moved, for we cannot stay the same. We are moved to grow and change as followers and imitators of the gospel. We are not alone, but God is still on the move in our lives, walking with us every step of the way as we travel the road to Easter. Pick up your roadmap in worship on March 10 as we begin this journey together.

March 10 -“God Moves… into the Desert”
March 17 -“God Moves… past all Obstacles”
March 24 -“God Moves… over the Fence”
March 31-“God Moves… down the Road”
April 7 -“God Moves Us… to Empty Ourselves”
April 14 -“God Moves… to the Cross”
April 21 -“God Moves… out of the Tomb”

Lenten Midweek Services

Time and time again in the Bible, God shows up at meals. Meals provide opportunity for the community to gather and imagery to help us see God’s generous grace.At each midweek worship service, we will hear about one of these meals, from the Passover in Egypt to the Last Supper in an upper room, and feast on the rich promises of God. Our worship format this year will not follow Holden Evening Prayer, but a liturgy of table songs and communion. Come to the table, the Lord’s Table, and join us for these times of worship.

Lenten Suppers

Before each midweek service, all are invited to come to the table for a potluck soup supper at 6:00 pm. If you can bring something to add to the table, please do. If you are busy and cannot prepare a dish, there will still be food and a place for you!